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The tech world is continually evolving and what works today, might not work tomorrow. It’s that fast!

Not to worry! Solutions by Design keeps up on the latest tech news and developments that affect your business, so you don’t have to.

You can easily keep up with tech news that matters to you here on the Solutions by Design Tech News page.

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Microsoft unveils it's new vision of a truly immersive computing environment. The "Hololens" would enable the user to interact with their computer and environment to create, entertain, and even work like never before. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold!

20150212 ransomware - shutterstock 161163569 medium.jpgRansomware is a relatively new breed of malware that aims to hold your computer or data ransom in order to extort money from the user. This malware is extremely destructive and costly to any business or consumer whose computer becomes infected. The only way to recover is to restore your files from a backup or to pay the ransom which doesn’t always work.

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Have you noticed the new Windows icon in the system tray of your desktop? Windows 10 is going to be released soon, and it’s time to claim your free upgrade.

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