Your business communications are critical, and your email needs to be running 24/7. Managed Email from Solutions by Design can solve a long list of problems for your business:

  • Reduce server downtime
  • Avoid lost of email connectivity
  • Eliminate virus threats
  • Reduce junk mail filling your inbox
  • Ensure legitimate email messages don’t get blocked
  • Optimize your email server so you don’t run out of space
  • Avoid lost email message
  • Ensure you can find important email messages

Managed Email from Solutions by Design offers three affordable services designed for small and mid-sized businesses so your organization doesn’t face the email problems that most often disrupt business.


Anti-virus protection

Spam Detection

Allows legitimate emails


Cloud-based system

Keeps email working

Less risk of data loss


No email ever lost

Easy to search

Frees up server space

All Managed Email services are priced based only on usage. You can choose one, two, or three services to ensure your email is secure and always works.

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