Back in March the FTC published an article detailing the top 10 imposter scams of 2014. Numbers 3, 4, and 6 on the list involve computer related scams including the popular imposters claiming to be from Microsoft. Numerous clients and some of our own staff have been called by these scammers. Fortunately most of you know not to give them any information or access to your computer systems. Still, since there does not seem to be an end in sight we thought it would be good to remind people to be aware of these and other scams.

As a general rule Microsoft, the FBI, and any legitimate source will not get in contact with you through some random popup on your computer system or a chance phone call. If the government wants to get a hold of you expect that they would do so in a more official manor. If Microsoft wants to get a hold of you they will likely go through your IT person first. If you are ever unsure of a situation, you should play it safe. Close the popups or hang up the phone, and check it out with us. Even better is to take a screen shot using the Snipping tool, so that we can best evaluate the situation.

Make sure you check out the article linked to below. It’s a very brief read, and will keep you and your computer safer online.

Link to the Federal Trade Commission posting