As computers get faster and hackers get smarter, human-generated passwords simply don’t cut it. Many people create weak passwords because they don’t think their password security is important, and many create weak passwords they think are secure because they followed minimum guidelines. This leads to easily guessable passwords like, “Password2017!” or “NYgiants1”, which aren’t complex enough to protect your valuable information.

Even if your password is something a human can’t guess, it’s likely a computer can. The best possible defense against password hacking is a random password created and stored by a password manager. Solutions By Design uses and recommends Last Pass as a solution to this crucial security need. Last Pass takes the pain out of remembering all your passwords by managing all of your login credentials in one password-protected vault. As you encounter new logins, Last Pass can be used to generate lengthy, random, and secure passwords that meet your security needs.

Get started on your next step towards better security: LastPass is there for the personal user, or there to protect your entire company with Last Pass Enterprise. Ask Solutions By Design to determine what best meets your needs.