It’s been a little over a week since Windows 10 was released, and we have had some time to get our initial thoughts together. So far we are very pleased with the new look and feel of Windows 10. The return of a start menu may be the most compelling reason to upgrade from Windows 8, but maybe not from windows 7. There are many other new features as well.

The Good

Our favorite new feature of Windows 10 is not the start menu, but rather the built in PDF printer. Now you can turn anything into a PDF to save paper without needing to buy or install third party software.

Another productivity improvement is the addition of multiple desktops. If you have ever felt that you have too many windows open cluttering your screen(s) you will love this new feature. With multiple virtual desktops you can easily organize your windows eliminating clutter, and helping you focus just on the current task. Visit this link for more information about creating, deleting and using virtual desktops in Windows 10.

Another nice feature in Windows 10 is the new recent files view making it easier than ever to get to recent files. Of course, we don’t recommend relying on the recent files list as a replacement for knowing where the file is actually stored. Windows 10 also comes with a slightly revamped look that makes it feel much more modern while keeping everything you know in familiar easy to access locations.

The Bad

Though there wasn’t much we found wrong with Windows 10, it isn’t without its faults. Included with the OS is a new web browser called Microsoft Edge. While this browser’s simplified interface is sure to be a welcome upgrade for many, it may not find a place in the business world. For starters, the browser comes with Adobe’s Flash player built in. This has been the attack avenue for numerous destructive viruses recently. The new browser also may cause confusion with those trying to use Internet Explorer because they have almost identical icons.

While the start menu is back, it is not identical to the old start menu found in Windows 7. The redesigned theme for Windows 10 also comes with different looking icons for some of the most common folders such as Computer and Recycle Bin. These will take some getting used to for some.

The Verdict

Overall Windows 10 looks promising, but is it right for your business? The short answer is not yet. We need to give Windows 10 more time to be tested and to make sure that all your mission critical software is supported